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  • These are just a few of the questions that you are expected to answer and report either on a regular basis or by request of a client or project sponsor.
  •  field verification is provided by inspectors who check the work completed against the contract documents. You rely on these individuals to fully document the work being done, including all pertinent information

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Clarity is also a dynamic process that follows change.

Universal Levels of Service

This information is often captured using a work report or site inspection checklist.
Marketing Strategy
It is very important to welcome the customer, the customer service provider, but the diam nonummy who now seem a little clear to us.
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Tracking & Reporting
Construction projects that make use of certain funding sources, especially that of federal and state governmental entities, often have to track various types of information for compliance.
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Template Design
Inspectors and other field staff do more than observe and document the contractor’s work. They are often tasked with monitoring various site conditions
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Marketing Campaigns
Depending on the experience and knowledge of the inspection staff, you would likely get different levels of detail and information recorded about the work that may or may not be sufficient to manage and control quality.
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