About Contentful

Is Contentful a website creation tool?

Can I use Contentful without writing code?

What is the difference between Contentful and a CMS?

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How to receive an alert notification when reaching the record limit?

Why image transformation doesn’t work?

Is sys.id unique?

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Backup, security and hosting

Can I backup my data offsite?

Is my content encrypted?

Where does Contentful backup my data?

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How do I preview my content?

How do I delete a content type?

How do I resize an image with an API request?

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Best practices

How to change field type?

How to find a Contentful developer?

How to import content from another CMS?

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How does the 30-day free trial work?

What happens when my trial ends?

What happens when I reach a limit?

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Can I become a Contentful partner?

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Client libraries

How to set rate limit in JS client library?

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Content migrations

Does the Migrations CLI support field appearance changes?

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Content operations

Where can I see all assigned tasks / scheduled jobs?

What happens if a scheduled entry fails to publish?

Can I assign tasks for an entry that already has a scheduled job?

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Will creating an environment increase the count towards spent records, locales and content types?

Are space environments covered by SLAs?

What entities can be copied to a space environment?

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What is the difference between webhooks and app events?

What is the limit on the app parameters?

What is the best way to monitor the health of my apps?

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Legacy spaces

Why are we upgrading legacy subscription plans for all users?

Will pricing for these plans change in the future?

Does the upgrade affect the creation of new spaces?

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Managing organizations and spaces

How to change my profile picture?

How to invite users?

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Personal access tokens

Should I secure these tokens? How?

How can I get a Personal Access Token if I don’t have any Content Management Access token in the first place?

Why Personal Access Tokens?

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Rich text

What are the keyboard shortcuts for the Rich Text editor?

What are Rich Text Commands?

What is the difference between “Embed block entry” and “Embed inline entry”?

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Search and content organization

How can I save a current search for the future?

My content model includes a field called ‘Author,’ why is it not searchable?

What are the links visible on my sidebar?

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Security and privacy

What is account impersonation and why do we request it?

Can I have content related to gambling?

Can I have content that may have nudity or be sexually explicit?

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Single sign-on (SSO)

How do I sign into Contentful with my corporate credentials?

Is the single sign-on feature available for all customers?

What Identity Providers (IdP) does Contentful support?

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SSO x509 certificate expiration

Will my SSO be affected by this change?

What is Contentful’s x509 certificate for SAML authentication requests valid until 1st November 2021?

How can I verify that the certificate change has worked?

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Technology and features

Which tools and client libraries exist for integrating Contentful?

What platforms does Contentful support?

Does Contentful work with HTML and JavaScript?

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What are references?

What is a Space?

What are Organizations?

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Two-factor authentication (2FA)

What authenticator app can I use?

What is Two-factor authentication?

Can I use SMS as a second factor?

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Do you also version content types?

Do you version fields configured to display a custom UI extension?

Does entry versioning apply to linked content?

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Web app

How to hyperlink an image in Markdown field?

Why can’t I view content types?

Why my desired locale is not listed?

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How do I configure a webhook?

What are the IP ranges for webhook calls?

If I received a publish event, why do I get an old version in the CDA?