Project right sidebar

November 09, 2016

Project right sidebar

A sidebar is not the main content. It is usually not for a primary means of navigation. (Although there are some exceptions where primary navigation is included towards the top of a sidebar.) So what is a sidebar for? A nice design filler or excess real estate on the web page? Of course not – a sidebar can have many purposes that are practical, and very usable


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Every fifteen minutes or so a sidebar pops into my laptop screen from the right side of the screen. It is headed Project and below this are various options - Project to a connected screen/PC screen only/Duplicate/Extend/Second screen only. I never require any of these things and it is incredibly annoying. I have gone to the action centre to try to disable it but without success. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


While the project dashboard allows you to view all your projects within a team, you may find that you need a different view of your projects or a want a quicker way to move between them. That’s where the sidebar comes in. To access it, first make sure you’re in the Projects tab by clicking “Projects” in the navigation bar. Then click a project card to open a project.
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Don’t assume because it doesn’t mention dropshipping on their website that they don’t dropship. Many suppliers don’t want to advertise the fact that they dropship as it will attract the wrong type of retailer. Contact them and come across like your an experienced online retailer, even if you’re not.
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