November 11, 2016

Project no header

I'm building my project fine but two of the files in my unit test project give a build warning "File has no header." they're unrelated and otherwise unremarkable .cs files. I've googled but get swamped with results for "SA1633: The file has no header


A claims challenge is a response sent from an API indicating that an access token sent by a client application has insufficient claims. This can be because the token does not satisfy the conditional access policies set for that API, or the access token has been revoked.


'm building a cmake based build system for our product. The problem is that Visual Studio project, generated by cmake, doesn't display header files in solution browser.
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Our Business Intelligence interface offers customers improved planning and visibility. You’ll be able to visualize complex data in real-time for increased performance and risk reduction. From inventory levels to tracking and freight costs, you’ll have complete transparency into the fulfillment process.
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Don’t assume because it doesn’t mention dropshipping on their website that they don’t dropship. Many suppliers don’t want to advertise the fact that they dropship as it will attract the wrong type of retailer. Contact them and come across like your an experienced online retailer, even if you’re not
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